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The Right Healthcare, Right Here.

As a Life Plan Community, The Cypress of Raleigh affords its Members flexible care options, enabling them to enjoy an inspiring lifestyle even as needs change over time. Healthcare at The Cypress of Raleigh serves Members in the entire continuum of care, starting with wellness classes and a wide range of activities in independent living. Should Members need care, we offer in home care; or, if you prefer, the Rosewood Health Center can provide assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and short-term rehabilitation services.

What Is A Life Plan Community?

In a Life Plan Community, residents live independently, enjoying the lifestyle they create for themselves. The unique benefit is that Members have access to a continuum of care if and as needed.

Included in a convenient monthly service fee are a variety of personal services such as dining, housekeeping, transportation, home and grounds maintenance, and security as well as access to an ever-changing calendar of social, wellness, and educational programs.

The Continuum of Care

The Cypress of Raleigh offers a full continuum of care. Members feel secure knowing that should a need arise, The Cypress of Raleigh in-home care team and the Rosewood team stand ready to assist. That’s peace of mind.

Health and Wellness Navigation

At The Cypress of Raleigh, there is an effective program in place to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and navigate any medical challenges that may lie ahead: Health and Wellness Navigation.

Health and Wellness Navigation partners with the Member to efficiently anticipate needs and address them. Your Navigation team educates Members on available resources and is the Members advocate while in the hospital. Navigation monitors each level of care to include Care Management and Care Coordination while promoting Health and Wellness.

The exceptional services offered under this program are an added benefit of living at The Cypress of Raleigh and the assurance of appropriate levels of care are indeed a comfort to Members and their families.

Life Plan Community FAQs

Living at The Cypress of Raleigh provides you the peace of mind of unparalleled access to quality, on-site healthcare. Our Health Services Navigator will help you create a personalized plan for your future. The Navigator provides expert information, guidance, and hands-on support to guide Members through the continuum of care. Additionally, when members need to leave campus to visit their physicians, transportation to most medical appointments within a10-mile radius can be handled by the Cypress team.

Is The Cypress of Raleigh a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)/ life plan community?

Yes, we are a life plan community that offers all levels of living beginning with independent and including short term rehab care, assisted living, skilled nursing, or cognitive/memory care. Care is offered both in our fully licensed Rosewood Health Center or in your own home through The Cypress of Raleigh Home Care department. As a member you truly are in control.

What type of healthcare is available for The Cypress of Raleigh Members, should it ever be needed?

The Cypress of Raleigh is a Life Plan / Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offering all levels of care. Independent living includes Villa and Cottage home residency, with higher levels of care provided in our Rosewood Health Center including short term rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and cognitive care. Additionally, The Cypress of Raleigh also offers in-home care through our own in-home care team which can provide customized care right in your own home here at The Cypress of Raleigh.

Can someone move to The Cypress of Raleigh directly into the Rosewood Health Center?

Generally speaking, no. Members must be capable of living independently at the time of purchase. (NOT AT THE TIME OF MOVE IN)

Can one receive care in their independent living home?

Absolutely! The Cypress of Raleigh has our own In Home Care Team staffed by The Cypress of Raleigh employees who are nurses, certified nursing assistants, and companions who are available to deliver care to members in their homes if that is one’s preference.

Home Care

Our flexible Home Care options provide additional support tailored to the specific needs of our Members, allowing them to live in the comfort of their Cypress home. The Cypress of Raleigh offers personalized care through three programs: Assistance in Living, Home Care, and Companion Care.

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Rosewood Health Center

The Cypress of Raleigh’s highly rated Rosewood Health Center offers senior care for Members needing continuous support from Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).

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The Cypress of Raleigh, based on the award-winning model found in Hilton Head and Charlotte, has established itself as a leading Life Plan Community/CCRC. Since opening in 2008, The Cypress has served its Members as a community of vitality and elegance.